Monday, February 3, 2014

The China Rouge

A nightlife venue that attempts to do it all, China Rouge combines an art gallery, chill lounge, cabaret stage and raucous club all in one.

At half the size of Club Cubic, China Rouge packs a punch in a relatively modest space.
It's billed as an exclusive members-only club, but non-members who arrive dressed to impress will be accepted (no flip flops, shorts or sleeveless shirts allowed for men).
Many performers take the stage for short sets throughout the night at China Rouge, ranging from singers to contortionists.
A quiet lounge area offers competently made classic cocktails.

Alan Chan, is one of Asia’s most respected designers, did the interiors at China Rouge and his passion for this project is evident.
Chan strikes a difficult-to-achieve balance between attention-grabbing stunts (lots of depictions of nipples) and pure glamor.
Taking cues from art deco and 1920s Shanghai, Chan has filled the space with deep shades of red and plenty of lattice screens framing stunning works of art by leading contemporary artists, commissioned for the club.

Photographer Chen Man’s interpretation of “The Heavenly Kings” is installed near the entrance, greeting guests with powerful depictions of nude goddesses.
Chinese-Kiwi artist Deng Xinli painted a surreal “Goddess in Cloudy Ship” that fills an entire wall.

One of the cocktail bars is decked out in illustrations by famed Hong Kong comic artist Ma Wing-shing, using stained glass.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll be gaping at the risque art in China Rouge and a chat with the knowledegable staff helps you take home an informed decision on whether it was any good or not.

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